About “One Vision”

WHAT is the “One Vision Project”:

The One Vision – Freddie Mercury London Memorial Project is an organization that was started by a handful of QUEEN fans in different countries around the world.  We are currently seeking non-profit status.  This is an international online collaborative for a single cause.  We have joined together for one specific and very special purpose.  That purpose is to do all we can to get approval for a beautiful and artistic memorial statue of Freddie placed in an agreeable location in London.  We wish to honor and cherish his memory and legacy in the city that he called “home”.  We also want to give the people an amazing monument that not only commemorates Freddie, but also represents a unique and fantastic era in music history.  The Freddie London Memorial statue will not be the same design as the one that already exists in Montreux, Switzerland.  It will be altogether different.  But it will be just as beautiful and magnificent.

**NOTE that if approval is denied for the statue – then ALL money collected will be donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust in honor of Freddie from all QUEEN fans**  

Our Mission:

The mission of the “One Vision Project” is to generate enough support, public interest, and finances necessary to get approval to have a proper memorial statue erected in London to honor Freddie Mercury’s many brilliant contributions to the music industry.  We hope to give the public and all QUEEN fans a beautiful and respectful piece of art commemorating Freddie and his fantastic legacy of music.  This will be a landmark that will attract not only QUEEN fans and those who love & remember Freddie, but also general tourists, music lovers, art lovers, artists, students, and many more!

WHO Is Governing This Project:

Our  ”Chief Committee” is the governing body for this project.  It is responsible for ultimately making ALL decisions regarding it!  The Chief Committee is made up of QUEEN fans from several countries including the USA, Germany, Scotland, England, Italy, and Sweden.  We have regular online conference call meetings where we discuss the pertinent issues at hand and collectively make decisions on how to proceed.  All of our Chief Committee members are QUEEN fans, and we are all volunteers to the project.  This means that none of us are “paid employees” of the One Vision organization!  We are all giving of our time, energy, and resources because we believe in this project and want it to succeed.

Our Chief Committee is currently looking for dedicated and determined individuals from other countries who are willing to volunteer some of their time and resources to helping this project.  If you wish to help or have any questions, comments, or suggestions – please send email to us at -  1visionFMproject@att.net

HOW Will The One Vision Project Succeed:

“One Vision – Freddie Mercury London Memorial Project” is a not-for-profit charitable organization.  This means that 100% of the money the organization collects will be put towards reaching our primary goal!  The project will be funded by charitable donations, fundraising efforts, and percentage of profits from special merchandise offers.  In the future, we will also be researching and pursuing many other possible sources of funding.

Research and formulating a strategic “battle plan” is also of paramount importance!  Since we are bound to come up against opposition in our pursuit of our goal, we need to be smart, informed, professional, and be able to back our arguments with facts.  Therefore, we will be spending a lot of time compiling evidence to support our reasons why London would benefit by having a statue of Freddie & exactly what demographic of people the statue would attract.  The One Vision Project sees this goal as on not solely for QUEEN fans,  but also for artist, students, music lovers, and anyone interested in the specific era of music history that QUEEN inevitably represents.

Another very important part of this project’s success is public awareness and support.  One very easy way YOU can help us promote the One Vision project is by posting a link to our website on your Facebook page or Twitter account.  The more people that know about us and the more support we get, the faster we will reach our goal!  We intend to eventually get the media involved for publicity purposes.  But that will happen further down the road once we are well on our way to success.  If you are interesting in finding out more ways that you can help this special project, please contact us via email.

WHERE Will The Statue Be Located:

Currently research is being conducted to find a number of plausible locations for Freddie’s London Memorial statue.  At this time we are considering several possible locations.   There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to this.  For example, the issues of possible vandalism and anti-gay sentiment.  We would hope that no one would blatantly destroy a work of art, but it does happen.  And it is surely a huge part of our negotiations with the government officials in London.  At this point the location has not been determined.  However, once we have a specific location in mind and get the “okay” – then we will be on the final lap!  But we have a long road to haul until then.

WHEN Is The Projected Completion Date:

We have determined that it is going to take us about 4 to 5 years from start to finish of this amazing project.  The reason why it is going to take such a long time to see this project succeed is because there is a lot more that needs to be done than just commissioning a reputable Sculptor to create the work of art that will memorialize Freddie’s legacy.  We need to have time to get the public interested, raise the necessary money it will take to pay for all that is involved in the project, and (most importantly) persuade the London city officials to agree to let us even have a public memorial for Freddie.  It is not going to be an easy chore, and surely not one without road-blocks and hurdles that will need to be overcome.  Therefore, we are shooting for having Freddie’s London Memorial statue unveiled by his 70th Birthday in 2016.

WHY Is This Project Important:

One of the most obvious reasons we have set out on this venture is because of our love and adoration of Freddie Mercury and his life’s work.  That was where the original idea started.  We thought “How wonderful would it be for QUEEN fans to have a place in London to visit (apart from Garden Lodge) to remember & honor Freddie?!”  He is surely a “legend” and deserves to be honored for all his contributions to this world.  However, the statue is not just to memorialize this man alone.  We would love to make it a statue that commemorates the band QUEEN in its entirety since it was through QUEEN that Freddie emerged as a superstar!

However, there are several other reasons we want to see this happen.  One is that we feel it will be a spectacular landmark for London, England.  We feel that it will surely be a wonderful contribution to the art culture of London, and be a beautiful landmark where city residents, tourists, students, artists, and musical enthusiasts will enjoy.  Lets face it, there are QUEEN fans of all ages and nationalities around the world.  It would surely become a marked destination for anyone who loves QUEEN music and admires Freddie in anyway.  Another reason is that it would be a historical & cultural landmark.  The music industry has changed drastically in the past 20 years since Freddie’s time on Earth.  The 70′s and 80′s were an important and iconic era in music history.  Who better to represent that era than Mr. Freddie Mercury?  Finally,  it could possibly even increase revenue for London by being an attraction for the people of Great Britain and around the world.  For we know that if there was a statue of Freddie in London, QUEEN fans from all over the world would visit the city.  Perhaps there could even be more QUEEN specific organized events in London as there is in Montreux, Switzerland.

A Final Note:

The One Vision Project believes we can reach this goal with your help and support & from the support of all QUEEN fans from around the world!  The more people who get involved, the better!!!

So, let all QUEEN fans around the world join hands (hypothetically) and support this mission!

For EVERYTHING Freddie (and QUEEN) has given to us………LET US DO THIS FOR HIM!

In loving memory of Freddie Mercury 1946 – 1991